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Business Model

The Company plans to direct sell SIMKit to end-users (producers) for installation in the breeding facility. Each barn owned by the producer will require 1 unit and mid-sized to larger producers will have multiple barns and require multiple units (one barn typically holds 2000 breeding sows). The user will also enter into a subscription for use of the equipment at a price charged per breeding sow in the herd. The subscription will increase as additional benefits are generated by the evolving algorithm.

A critical component of the business model is to rapidly access the market share by developing key collaborations with pork producers and specifically those with sow breeding operations. Success on-farm will build confidence throughout the industry and serve to grow the business. Hence it will be critical for initial evaluations to include industry leaders who have an influence on the followers in the industry. Success in this sector will assure acceptance of SIMKit by the industry and the establishment of significant market share over a shorter period.


Motion Grazer AI (aka SIM) seeks to provide the swine industry with an automated and quantifiable indicator of sow reproductive potential, body condition, and locomotion that can be benchmarked with key production indices (KPIs). SIM is a foundational hardware platform for vision-based locomotion and analysis algorithms based on customer needs which will allow them to be more productive and profitable while ensuring animals’ health and welfare at a lower cost.

Motion Grazer AI

Mission Statement

MGAI develops solutions that improve the health and welfare of farm animals, and that contribute towards productive and prosperous farms. We believe there is a tremendous need for technology to support farmers and their animals, and the tools we are creating will drive improved productivity while reducing costs.

Vision Statement

Our intelligent sensors act as eyes for stockpersons. By analyzing each animal’s 3D form and ambulation, and drawing on extensive data, they create health assessments that assist the producer in making decisions for each animal’s care. The goal is for all to prosper: the farmer, the animals, and the consumer.

Values Statement

Working together we can make changes for better. Our team values and respects our customers and works from a place of integrity and mutual trust.

Founders, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisory Board

John McIntyre, PhD

Founder/CEO and President

John McIntyre, PhD, is an experienced CEO with significant entrepreneurial experience in high tech agriculture and related industries. Dr. McIntyre will oversee the company and provide overall direction to market introduction of the product and developing key alliances.

Joseph F. Connor, DVM, MS

Board Member

Dr. Connor has a D.V.M., a Master of Science in Veterinary Medicine and he completed the UW Illinois Executive Veterinary Program. Dr. Connor is a leader in technologies including segregated production, wean-to-finish technology, positive pressure filtration, and disease elimination.

Kyle McGregor, PhD

Director of Health Innovations, Spartan Innovations

Kyle McGregor, PhD, is a dynamic leader dedicated to bringing innovative technology and cutting-edge ideas to underserved communities. At Spartan Innovations, associated with the Michigan State University Foundation, he leverages his passion for bridging academia, industry, and healthcare to develop impactful projects centered on machine learning, natural language processing and medical devices.

Madonna Benjamin, DVM, MS

Scientific Advisory Board

Madonna Benjamin, DVM, MS, College of Veterinary Medicine, is a swine veterinarian and expert in swine health and welfare. Dr. Benjamin developed and implemented the initial project that resulted in the founding of Motion Grazer AI.

Daniel Morris, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Daniel Morris, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is an expert in robotics, imaging and machine learning and leads the 3D Vision Laboratory at Michigan State University.

Michael Lavagnino, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Lavagnino, PhD, College of Mechanical Engineering provides expertise in orthopedics and gait analysis and brings over 20 years of research experience including tendon mechanobiology and equine gait analysis.

Ron Averill, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University

Expertise in design optimization of complex systems, including sustainable agriculture, and CoFounded Red Cedar Technology and served as President and CEO.

Tami Brown-Brandl, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Tami Brown-Brandl, Ph.D. is professor and Dr. William E. and Eleanor L. Splinter Chair at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research program focuses on engineering approaches to improve animal well-being and production efficiency.

Caleb Shull

Scientific Advisory Board

Caleb has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Finance, a Master of Science in Animal Sciences and a Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Sciences. Caleb provides leadership to a research program conducting research in the areas of nutrition, health, genetics, and management. He is the Director of Research and Development with the Maschhoffs, LLC.

Job Opportunities

Motion Grazer AI is combining computer vision, artificial intelligence, and in-farm sensing hardware to create next-generation precision livestock farming solutions. The objective is to improve animal health, welfare and productivity through quantitative analysis and individualized animal assessments. The Company is looking for individuals with technical skills and desire to be a pioneer in this exciting and high-growth area.

Senior Vision System Engineer

Compensation: Competitive salary and including equity in Motion Grazer AI
We are looking for:

  • Skills in designing computer vision systems, both software and hardware
  • Skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Experience deploying and testing vision systems in the field
  • Experience developing in Linux
  • Post-graduate engineering experience
  • Initiative and leadership

Location: East Lansing, Michigan
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