June 2021

AI down on the farm: MSU-linked startup puts machine learning to work for sows

By Tom Henderson,

  • Motion Grazer AI founded by MSU swine veterinarian
  • Technology pairs cameras with AI to evaluate whether sows should be culled or keep breeding
  • Red Cedar Ventures has invested $50,000 in the company

March 2021

Revolutionizing the Livestock Industry | MSU Innovation Center

By Tracy Henion
Tech helps farmers predict productivity, health and profitability of animals while improving safety, efficiency. In the 1980s, Madonna Benjamin worked as a pig farmer in Canada, analyzing the relationship between livestock and human interaction.

October 2020

Paper (Finalist for Best Agri-Robotics Paper)

S. Yik, M. Benjamin, M. Lavagnino, D. Morris, “DIAT (Depth-Infrared Image Annotation Transfer) for Training a Depth-Based Pig-Pose Detector,” in Proc. of Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Oct. 2020.