December 2023

Motion Grazer AI Secures Investment From Michigan Rise

East Lansing, MI – Motion Grazer AI,  a Michigan-based AgTech company dedicated to improving the health and welfare of farm animals, has secured an investment from Michigan Rise Pre-Seed III.

Originating as a spinout startup from Michigan State University, Motion Grazer has developed the SIMKit device, designed to monitor livestock and offer tailored management strategies for improved health and increased productivity. The device uses depth-sensor cameras to create 3D images of animals.

January 2023

See 8 Farmer – First Startups at Top Producer Summit

By Margy Eckelkamp,

Innovation can come from anywhere. But in agriculture, the best ideas for the farm are typically born on the farm.
This farm-centric model is the focus of the AgLaunch and Farm Journal Ag Launch365 program. For 2023, eight ag tech startups will go through the two-year program, which includes business coaching, support from a national network of mentors and on-farm trials. 

June 2021

AI down on the farm: MSU-linked startup puts machine learning to work for sows

By Tom Henderson,

  • Motion Grazer AI founded by MSU swine veterinarian
  • Technology pairs cameras with AI to evaluate whether sows should be culled or keep breeding
  • Red Cedar Ventures has invested $50,000 in the company

March 2021

Revolutionizing the Livestock Industry | MSU Innovation Center

By Tracy Henion
Tech helps farmers predict productivity, health and profitability of animals while improving safety, efficiency. In the 1980s, Madonna Benjamin worked as a pig farmer in Canada, analyzing the relationship between livestock and human interaction.

October 2020

Paper (Finalist for Best Agri-Robotics Paper)

S. Yik, M. Benjamin, M. Lavagnino, D. Morris, “DIAT (Depth-Infrared Image Annotation Transfer) for Training a Depth-Based Pig-Pose Detector,” in Proc. of Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Oct. 2020.